Uploading Users

Uploading Users 

This is how to upload a simple spreadsheet containing your staff details.

Firstly, log into the iHasco LMS -   https://www.ihasco.co.uk/client

Enter your username and password. 

If you're unsure of your username, please follow these instructions here -  http://support.ihasco.co.uk/article/95-forgotten-username

If you're unsure of your password, please follow these instructions here -  https://support.ihasco.co.uk/article/240-getting-logged-into-the-lms

Once logged in you will be taken to your  'Dashboard' which will look similar to the one below. 

From here select ' users' and then select 'add/update users'. You can upload users either manually by using the white box provided or via a CSV spreadsheet. We recommend using a spreadsheet if you have multiple people to add on. 

If you wish to do it via spreadsheet, click the  'Download CSV Template' button in the top right hand corner.  

Clicking this will then download the CSV file with an example completed for you already. Feel free to delete the example.

The field headers are pre-defined. The CSV template has these already set up. Please do not alter these at all. Out of all the headers within that file, 4 MUST be contained for a user to be uploaded. These are Email address, First Name, Last Name and Active. If you would like the user to be uploaded as active please put a 1 by each persons name in this column. If you would like them uploaded straight into archived then please put 0. 

Email First_name Last_Name
John@ihasco.co.uk John Smith

Extra fields can be entered – Please see the “ Custom Field” section 

Once your spreadsheet is completed – save it as a .csv (This is mandatory) then upload it to our system from the same place.

Depending on your spreadsheet / manual input you may see the following page. 

This gives you the opportunity to determine what data you would like uploaded into each user profile field that you have enabled. 

If you need to make changes to user profile fields after (Not the Email address as this is the identifier) then you can do so by exporting and importing (Please see “Updating User Profile Fields” section)

Your import will be queued for processing – this shouldn’t take long (dependent on current usage).

Uploading manually (via the white box)

Alternatively, if you only have one or two users to upload you can do it manually in the white box provided once you click on 'Add/Update Users'. 

Users can be uploaded with just an email address but we do recommend including a first and last name if possible. Please follow the format shown - john.doe@example.com, Firstname (optional), Lastname (optional).

You also have the option below the white box to send users a welcome email immediately after they have been uploaded. This is here so you don't have to manually send the welcome emails out after! 

Once you are sure that the details are correct, click 'Import Users'. 

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