Managing enrollments for users

Managing enrollments for users

Click 'Users' then click 'Active users'. Now, on the far-left hand side select the user checkboxes.

Once the users have been selected, an actions box will appear towards the top left-hand side. Selecting the  drop down will give you various options such as flagging users, sending an email or managing enrollment. Press Manage Enrollment. 

You will now see this screen - You need to tick the boxes in the corresponding course for that user to be assigned to it. Press the save button in the lower left hand once you are happy with your select. 

*Advanced method of course assigning 

You can also do course assigments through the user CSV file you upload. There is a column 'Course Assignment' - here you can put the ID number of the course followed by a pipe command( | ). You can find the course #numbers by clicking the orange 'Credits remaining' button in the top right of your page. Alternatively, you can click Results>Overview and find the ID's in the column to the left. Below is an example of the CSV with assignments.

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