Sending a welcome email

Sending a welcome email

Once all the courses have been assigned, its time to send the ' Welcome Email'. 

There are two methods of sending a welcome email. To 'All' users at once, or those you've selected.

1) Sending to all users. Go to the users tab and then press 'send email' in the top right hand corner.

2) To send to specific users you can select the check-boxes to the left of their name from the 'Users' tab. From the actions box that drops down in the top left hand corner select 'Send Email'.(above is sending to all users, below is specific users)

From here you will now see a ‘preview’ of welcome emails. You can use the drop down arrow and switch between various email templates. The two by default are “ Welcome email” or “Normal Email

There is an option to customize your own Emails within the “ Email Templates” section – Please see the section below for this. 

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