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Viewing staff training

In the LMS there are several ways to look at the data. This is very much a course lead view where you can see who has done a training course. It’s also an at glance view of credits used. You can export results for each of the training courses from here into a CSV. 

Simply clicking on a course will take you to the below pane where you can select through various filters. We can also see the score achieved in the test.

You’ll see there are also various tabs. With access, Expired, Completed, In Progress, Not Started and Archived. 

If you would like to select a large amount of users but NOT all users, you can 'shift-click' them. To do this, find the range of users you want to select, click on the checkbox for the first user, press and hold 'Shift' on your computer then click on the checkbox of the last user. This will select all users between the first and last names you clicked on. 

What does each tab mean

  •          With access – This means the user has access to the course. If a course is set to by assignment for instance, you can see all users who currently have been assigned this course. They’ll appear in here irrespective of whether they’ve completed the training, it’s expired etc.
  •          Expired – This means they’ve completed the training once before. Once the refresh period has expired, they’ll count as ‘expired’ until the training has been renewed.
  •          Completed – This means the user has completed the course. All sections have been ticked off, they’ve gone into the test and completed it.
  •          In Progress – This means they’ve ‘used’ a credit. By this, they’ve at least started the training and gone through to the introductory screen. They may have completed all sections and just not the test, or only completed just the one.
  •          Not started – This means the user has access the course, but they haven’t started it yet.
  •          Archived – In most cases, rather than deleting a user and their results, we recommend archiving. This is something that can be done by yourselves as well. What this effectively means is; the users results are stored (including any progress they had) But they’re unable to access it. You can also archive a user themselves, which stops any further training being completed and stops them from being able to log in.

There are other methods of filtering the results. And these can be mixed and matched. IE, you want to see those who have completed the training that have an email address of – Firstly you’d select “ Completed.” Then set your “filter by” (image of this) to “By email address” and then in the “with keywords” field enter Hitting submit will then provide these results for you.

Exporting (image) will honor these filters also.

Please note, this does allow you to also filter by custom optional fields. This is explained in the “ Custom fields” section below.

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