Managing your account

Managing your account

You can manage various settings for your LMS from the 'Settings' button that comes up after you click your name in the top right. This will take you to a page with various options. Please click on the names below to view each article. 

Global Settings

Automated email behavior, global pass mark and training intervals.


Configure branding for your training suite, certificates and emails. 

User Profile Fields

Set custom user profile fields and requirements.

Course Options

Set Access type, pass mark and training intervals for specific courses. 

Course Passes

Issue, monitor and revoke single use course passes and SCORM packages.

Email Templates

Create customer user email templates and customise system email templates.

API Access & requests 

Reset your API token and review your API Requests.


Configure registration options, email domain restrictions, authentication methods and IP access restrictions. 

Administrator Contact

Specify custom contact details which should appear for learner in the training suite. 

Normal Users (Learners)

Add or update normal users in bulk via CSV file

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