Branding is what appears on both your certificates, and your initial log in training page. When you initially click on branding, you’ll see the iHasco default ones implemented already. You have both the “Logo” and “Poster”

Logo – This appears on your certificate. This must be at least 100px square, and no greater than 200kb total.

Poster – Must be at least 960px wide and no greater than 200Kb.

You have the option of uploading these yourself. If you are experiencing an issue, please check the parameters of the image you’re using. If you’re unsure of this, please contact your Technical Department. If you don’t have one, please contact your Account Manager.

Welcome emails by default contain the contact details that we have for the main contact. This setting when disabled means any welcome email sent would be addressed from iHasco. If it’s enabled (this is the default option) then it’ll be addressed from you. 

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