User profile fields

User profile fields

Custom user fields are profile fields you can set to be whatever you wish. There are two ways of getting these attached to user profiles. When doing the initial user upload via the CSV file, or once users log in to the training.

To edit them, first enable the custom profile field by selecting the box on the left hand side. Next, to the far right you’ll see “type

Text Input – This means it’s a blank box the user can type into.

Select List – You insert the selectable options. Make sure to push enter after each one added. This means users can select from the various inputs before continuing.

Required with Yes in red – If you put a tick in this box next to that field, it’ll make it so the user is unable to progress onto the training until they’ve selected/written their option.

You’ll see on the left hand side that each field has a # number. IE, #1, #2. These correspond with the “Optional_field_1” “Optional_field_2” columns contained on the user upload CSV file.

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