Course passes

Course passes

A course pass allows you to create a training link similar to the training suite URL. When users log in via this link, it’ll automatically assign them the course, bypassing the need to assign users via the CSV/users pane. This can be helpful when you want to roll out training in phases, IE Manual Handling first and then Fire Awareness afterwards. A course MUST be to set to “ by assignment only” before you can add a course pass for this. If you’re unsure how to do this, please see the “Assigning a user” section.

From the Course Passes tab, you’ll see “Add a new course pass

Select the course you want the pass created for via the dropdown menu, and then select Add pass. This will then show you the below view with your active course passes.

To the right of the “ Pass URL” you’ll see a small clipboard option. Clicking this will automatically copy the link for you. 

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