Your browser does not provide sufficient support

Sorry something went wrong.

The web browser you’re using doesn’t appear to provide sufficient support for video and audio playback. We currently support the following browsers and operating system configuration with the Adobe Flash Player plug-in installed.

If you have an IT/Technical Department, please show them this.

This screen will normally appear when your software doesn’t sufficiently support our video play back service. Most commonly it’s due to Adobe Flash being outdated/not installed or an out of date browser.

To rectify this, first we need to identify the issue.

Please visit this should bring up a page showing your details. 

Here we can see I’m missing flash player.

In the case of you having Flash player installed, please ensure it’s the most up to date version.

This can be checked here -

If your Flash version is fully up to date, then your browser may be the issue. To check if your web browser is up to date, please follow the below instructions for each browser.

Internet Explorer

In the top right corner, please click on the COG icon.

Then press “About Internet Explorer

This should bring up the about internet explorer page. From here please select “Install new versions automatically.”

Although we support to Internet Explorer 9.0, we recommend that your browser should be fully updated when possible.

Google Chrome

In the top right corner, click on the three black lines.

Then click on “About Google Chrome

This’ll automatically take you to another page where it’ll check for an update (see below image)

Mozilla Firefox

In the top right corner, click on the three black lines.

Then click on the small (?) icon

This should bring up this page to the right.

From here click on “About Firefox

This will load a page that’ll show what version you have, and download an update if necessary.


Safari is directly updated with the OS (Operating system) of Apple. If your browser is outdated, so will your computers software. To rectify this, please follow the below steps. 

First click on the Apple icon in the top right corner.

From here click software update.

This will load the Apple App Store.

Here we can see an update is available. Clicking update will now update your machine, and your browser. 

If you’ve followed these steps, and the issue is still occurring, then please email us at or phone on 01344 867 088.

When emailing, please provide your (Either in a screenshot, or send it through to and any relevant steps you’ve already undertaken. 

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