Global Settings

This is where you can manage the general settings of the account. There are 5 categories; Training, Certificates and tests, Course Library, Automated Emails and SCORM Data


These options include -

- Setting the training interval period

- Preventing users from opening new sessions until this period of time has passed

- Making users watch videos in their entirety (disable skipping)

Certificates and tests

You can set a pass mark / score here.

Other options -

- Include test scores (as percentages) on user certificates

- Let users download / print their own certificates 

- Hide training expiry dates on completion certificates

- Use eco certificates (consume less ink, saving on printing time and costs)

Course Library 

You can choose whether or not to hide the course library in the training suite for end users. 

Automated Emails

Options that you can enable / disable include -

- Send users a 'welcome' email when they first log-in to their training suite

- Send users a 'thank you / rating' email when they complete a course

- Send users 'reminder' emails after 7 days of starting but not completing a course

- Send users 'refresh reminder' emails when their training is due for renewal (as set by the training interval)


From here you can choose whether to hide SCORM user and results data within the LMS.

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