How to archive a user

How to archive a user

Once in the LMS, click Users > Active Users towards the top left of the page. This will take you to a list-view of all active users on your account. 

Select the user / users that you would like to archive and scroll back up towards the top of the page. An actions bar highlighted in a creamy colour will appear. Click on the actions bar and select 'Archive'. 

There is also a way to archive users singularly. Find the user in question and click the arrow to the right of their name (next to View/Edit). Once the drop down menu appears, click 'Archive'.

We recommend archiving users rather than deleting them. This is because users may wish to retrieve certificates in the future and if they have been deleted, this will not be possible. However, in the case that a user has no results at all then it is normally fine to delete them. 

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