Adding admin users

Adding an admin user

A few months ago we had an update which changed how the LMS login works. Instead of multiple people all using one account to login, each admin can have their own personal login details and account. Once they are added as an admin they will receive an email confirming this. 

Click your name in the top right of the screen, then select 'Manage Account'. 

Scroll down and select ' Administrative users'. 

Now, enter the user's email address and their details will pop up. They must already be uploaded as a user on the system! Select their profile and click ' Add Privileges'. You can then choose whether they have read, write or full admin access. 

Read - can view users and results

Write - can view users and results, add / update users and send emails

Admin - can view users and results, add/update users, send emails and modify settings

Once you click 'Add privileges' they will receive an email confirming this with their username and a link to set their password. 

You can revoke any admin rights at any time by pressing 'Revoke privileges'.

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