What happens once you receive your welcome email?

What happens once you receive your welcome email? 

When your training administrator wants to you to complete your training they will send you what is called a 'Welcome email'. Depending on how your account was set up, this will contain one of two things. It will either have a link that takes you straight through to your training suite or it will have your own personal set of login details. Once you receive your email, click on the link enclosed and you will be prompted to enter your details / taken to your training suite. 

You should now be in your training suite. Here, you will see a list of all courses you have access to. It will look similar to the one below. 

After you start your courses, you might see a few different buttons to click on. 

'Not started' appears next to the course when you have not begun the training yet. 

'In progress' means that you have started the course but haven't got round to finishing it yet. When you go back into the training you will pick up exactly where you left off! 

The message 'Failed, please try again' comes up when you have attempted the test, but failed to achieve the required pass mark. When entering this course you will begin at the start of the test. 

'Passed on _____' only appears when you have completed the training. If you would like to start a new session for this course please be aware that in doing so you will archive your old result. The course will show as incomplete until next passed.  

Once you click on the course you will be taken to the start page. From here, select 'Start Session' and the course will begin! 

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