Simple Training Suite Integration Using URL Variables

The iHasco Training Suite supports passing of a user identifier (email address) as a query string variable in a call to your training suite URL. This facilitates simple 'integration' with other systems, letting you create links to a users personal training suite without having to maintain a record of their unique user URL in your own system.

For example if I have an employee intranet which users log-in to and I want to display a link from that to a users personal training suite, I would construct the URL as follows:{my_account_url_key}?id={email_address}

Replace {my_account_url_key} with your own unique training suite URL key (as noted in your LMS) and {email_address} with the users email address. If the user already exists within the iHasco LMS they will be logged in and directed to their training suite, if not they will be asked to register and then proceed to their training suite thereafter.

You can also use simple integration with the 'Course Passes' feature to grant users access to specific courses which are set to 'By Assignment Only'. In this scenario you can pass a query string parameter of 'redirect' with a boolean value (true/1), if specified this will route the user directly to the course (bypassing the training suite home page) if they are already registered.{my_course_pass_url_key}?id={email_address}&redirect=true

Please note that simple integration using query string variables will not work if your account is set to enforce passwords for Training Suite access.

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