Using iHasco courses in a third party LMS

This article will guide you through the process of using iHasco course content in a third party SCORM compliant LMS.


All of our course content is  SCORM (Sharable Content Object Reference Model) compliant. You can download SCORM packages for any of the courses which you are subscribed to from within our LMS, however as ever - there are some pre-requisites.


First off your LMS  must be accessed via HTTPS. Our application uses HTTPS and so any content which we serve from it must also be delivered through a secure protocol. For most LMS's this isn't an issue. All of the popular hosted LMS's use HTTPS. If you have a self hosted LMS (Moodle for example) though you may need to talk to your developer about switching it to HTTPS if you currently access it using an insecure web address. A quick and easy way to tell is to look for a padlock in the browser address bar.

Even though your users will access our course content via your own LMS you must still ensure that they can reach the iHasco domains (* and the domains which are associated with our Video CDN. Similarly you must ensure that their browsers have JavaScript enabled and do not block cookies.

If you experience issues getting course content to run as expected first check that you can access it directly through the iHasco Training Suite. We cannot be responsible for the behaviour of our course content within third party LMS's though we do endeavour to provide consistent support for our 'approved' LMS's.

Downloading a SCORM package from our LMS

To access SCORM packages for your courses you'll need to log-in to our LMS. The course(s) in question must be set to 'By Assignment' via the 'Settings > Course Options' tab in our LMS. With this setting enabled you can then create a 'Course Pass' from 'Settings > Course Passes'. With a course pass created you can access the SCORM package (1.2 or 2004) from the course pass detail page.

Installing a SCORM package in your third party LMS

Once you have downloaded the appropriate SCORM package from the course pass page in our LMS you will need to log-in to your third party LMS and install it. Make sure you do not 'decompress' the ZIP file before uploading it.

Before deploying your training we suggest that you test the package to ensure that you can access all parts of the course and that completion is recorded as expected in your third party LMS.

Things to note

When you use our course content in a third party LMS we still maintain a record of the corresponding sessions in your own application in order to track credit usage. By default you will not see 'SCORM Sessions' within the iHasco LMS however you can toggle this visibility of this data via 'Settings > General Settings > SCORM Data'.

We only store the absolute minimum required information necessary in order to track usage. No personal information is relayed at any time from your third party LMS to our application, only an identifier which is 'one way' hashed for security.

If you are using our course content within a third party LMS then all of the features native to our own LMS (Reminder emails, Certificates etc) are disabled or ignored for those sessions. You will need to use your third party LMS to generate certificates and issue reminders etc.

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