Downloading multiple certificates

Downloading multiple certificates

You can now download multiple certificates at once! To download ALL users certificates on your account, click 'Users' then 'All Users'. This will take you to a list of all employees you have uploaded to your account. Select the 1st checkbox as shown in the picture below. 

This will select all the users on the page. To download ALL certificates on your account, click 'Select all ___ users?'. Now, click the 'Actions' bar and select 'Download all certificates'. 

You will then see a loading page that says 'Please wait'. It may take a few minutes for all the certificates to download, we appreciate your patience. Once they have loaded, a PDF file will pop up in the downloads bar at the bottom of your browser. Once clicked on, you will be able to scroll through all certificates on the account. 

If you are only after a few certificates, select the checkbox of the person/s you want a certificate for then click the 'Actions' bar and choose 'Download certificates'. 

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