User Segments

Add ' User Segments' to your LMS to refine access to user and results data within the LMS for your administrative users. You might create segments for broad locations, departments or areas of responsibility in your business. You can then assign administrative users to segments to restrict their view and access to users and results within your LMS.

To get started navigate to ' Settings > Organisational Segments' within the LMS. 

The next screen shows any segments you have created and provides a dialog through which you can specify a new segment.To begin creating a new segment, click the 'Add segment' button.

Segments are a filter on any single user field which exists within your account. If you have enabled additional custom user fields they will be available here too.

As an example, if you worked in a business with three physical locations you might enable the ' Location' custom field and set it as a 'Select' type with options of "Office", "Warehouse" and "Distribution Centre". Upon registration or log-in users will be asked to specify the location they operate within. You could then create a 'Segment' in the LMS `WHERE 'Location' EQUALS 'Warehouse'` and then assign a specific LMS administrator to that. This LMS administrator would then have access 'only' to users who fall within that filter.

As an account owner you can see all segments, so as you create them, they become available to you in the ' users' and 'results' views as additional filters.

Furthermore, an LMS administrator who is assigned to a specific segment and has 'admin' or 'write' access to the LMS can only import users 'into' that segment. During import and users with no specified value for the field that a segment filters on will inherit the stated value for that segment, or if another value is specified, will be excluded from the import.

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