What is IP restriction and how does it work?

What is IP restriction and how does it work? 

What's an IP address? 

An IP address is how you access the internet. You effectively have a 'number' assigned to your workplace (or home address) which is how it knows how to route information to you. 

What does this do? 

You can set a restriction for the training suite access as well as the LMS access to a specific (or multiple) IP addresses. This means only users accessing those links (training and LMS link respectively) will be able to actually connect. 

How is this beneficial? 

Only users accessing those links from that specific IP can connect. This means only users or training administrators can access it from internally to their company. We think this is extremely useful and lowers the risk of your precious credits being used or passed onto another user outside of the company! This feature also allows you to control where users can connect to either their training or training records directly, ultimately giving better control methods to your organisation. 

How do I enable this? 

Within the LMS, press 'Settings' at the top. Then select 'Global settings'. At the bottom you'll see the below screenshot. 

The IP address(es) should be added on a one per line basis. Next, tick whether this is to control the LMS admin access or the training access. When you're ready, save your changes and that will all be set for you! 

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