How to filter the consolidated training report

How to filter the consolidated training report

If you can't see this report, please contact us at and we'll get it enabled for you!

A consolidated training report provides an overview of all users training on your account. This includes their profile details and course progress. To generate this report, please click Results & Reports > Overview > Generate New Report. It should take roughly 2-10 minutes. Once its finished you can open it up by either clicking on the link in the confirmation email you will receive or by selecting the 'Download report for _____' button next to 'Generate New Report'.

To place a filter on all of the data please open up the spreadsheet and click the arrow in the top left hand corner where the rows and columns join. This will select all data in the spreadsheet. 

Now that all of the data has been selected, press the ' Data' header at the top of the page and select 'Filter'. This will apply to the whole spreadsheet and you should see an arrow appear by each column. 

You can now filter down the information to easily find what you are looking for! Lets say you want to see how many people passed  the DSE course with 100%. First, find the DSE column by scrolling through the spreadsheet. There are normally 4 columns that relate to a course - course title, status (not started, in progress, completed), log date and score

Select the arrow next to '409_score' and a drop down menu will appear. Now, tick the 100% checkbox and press ' Ok'.

The results should now be filtered down to all users who completed the DSE course with 100%! 

You can also do this with any of the other columns. If you wanted to filter by 2 different columns this could be done too! For example, if you want to see all the Account Managers who have 'Completed' the Fire Awareness course. In this example spreadsheet, Job Title comes under opt_field1. Follow the same process described - select the Account Manager checkbox then press 'Ok'.This will show you all users who have 'Account Manager' as their job title on the LMS. 

Now, to filter down further simply find the Fire Awareness column, click the arrow, select 'Completed' then press 'Ok'. 

You should now only be seeing users who are Account Managers and have Completed the Fire Awareness course! 

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