Error 31 - SCORM Authentication Error

This normally occurs when there are issues with the acceptance of iHASCO cookies. 

Ideally you need to ensure that third party cookies are enabled (or allow our domains to be whitelisted) 

Our domains can be found here -

You can rectify this by

Google Chrome

  • Settings
  • Advanced Settings (bottom
  • Privacy and security
  • Content Settings
  • Cookies
  • Block third-party cookies

Ensure this is disabled (toggled off) 

If on, then you'll get the error 31.

For Internet Explorer, you'll do

  • Cog in the top right
  • Internet Options
  • Privacy
  • Advanced
  • Third-party cookies - This needs to be on accept.
To whitelist cookies in Chrome, do this:
  • Go to Settings 
  • Advanced 
  • Content Settings 
  • Cookies
At the bottom, there is an "Allow" section. 
Click "Add"
Repeat for the domain of the LMS itself. As an example, if the LMS website is you would enter

Quit the browser, log back into the LMS and try again

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