Migrating HTML templates to plain text / markdown

If you're still using old style "HTML" email templates in your iHASCO LMS you will need to migrate these to plain text / markdown templates in order to take advantage of the new email compose screen and other upcoming features of the application. Support for HTML email templates will be deprecated in due course.

You can find your HTML email templates within the client LMS at "Settings > Messaging > Custom email templates". To locate your HTML email templates click on the "Show/hide details' link in the table header to expand your email template rows. Open the templates which are denoted as "HTML". Change the "Template type" from HTML to "plain text". Manually remove the HTML tags which are wrapped around your text in the "Template body" field. You can recreate any formatting or links with Markdown.

Click "Save changes" to save you adjusted template and repeat for each HTML email template you have.

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