Document & Policies Storage Feature

Documents & Policies Storage Feature

We now offer a documents & policies storage feature which allows you to upload docs onto our system for employees to view / read. This can be found by logging into the 'LMS', clicking 'Settings' then selecting 'Documents & Policies'. You can choose to associate these with particular courses by going into the 'Course settings' page. If this has been enabled, once users log into the training they should see a message telling them they have documents to review. Please bear in mind that passwords need to be enabled on the account for this feature to be available. See the list below for useful facts about how to use this! 

  • Currently, the only file type that can be uploaded is PDF. We are looking into expanding this selection in the future. 
  • Each file must be a maximum of 20MB. There is no minimum file size. 
  • There is up to 1GB of storage available for your use. 

If you have any queries or issues with this, please contact your account manager or email our support box at

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