Organisational segments

Organisational segments

If your company has multiple branches or divisions, it may be useful to create segments on the LMS to split them apart. You could then assign administrators to each segment individually, meaning they would only have access to training records for that segment. Before you can do this you will need to ensure that there are optional_fields setup on the account which are consistent across all users. For example, if you want to create a segment for an office based in London, all users will need to have 'London' on their profile for the system to recognise they need to be part of that segment. If there were any spelling mistakes or variations then they would not be included within the segment. 

Take a read through the instructions below if you're not sure on how to set the segments up:

  • Log into the LMS, click 'Settings' then 'Organisational segments
  • Now, press 'Add segment'
  • Where it says 'Title', enter what you would like the segment to be called
  • Next, click 'Email Address' and select the profile field which you would like the segment to depend on. For example, if you wanted to set up a segment for 'London' and this was located on users profiles under 'Location' you would select 'Location' here
  • On the line below select either 'Equals' or 'Contains'. If the segment only depends on one word then its best to choose 'Equals'
  • For the 'Value' line you will want to enter the word which the segment depends on. Please see the example below if you're not sure what this mean

This is what a segment might look like on the segments page once its been set up: WHERE 'Location' IS EQUAL TO 'London'. You can see if this has worked by checking the 'Size' column to see if any users have been selected! 

If you need any help with setting segments up feel free to ask your account manager or drop us an email to 

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