How to check your training history

Your training history lists all your training courses that are In progress, Passed, Expired or Failed. For an explanation of course status see How to check your progress.

To show your training history click the History & certificates located at the bottom of your training profile under My Learning.

The list includes:

  • The Course title
  • The current Status of the course
  • The total time you have spent training
  • The Date you last accessed the training course

Completed courses include the course Expiry date and your test Score.

Note: Expiry date shows the date when this training expires. To remain compliant you need to repeat the course before the expiry date.

Courses that are In progress include a blue progress bar showing how much training you have completed.

To show the Course overview click the Course title.

To print a summary of your training history click the Print summary button at the top right of the page.

To print your certificate, see How to print your certificate.

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