What happens in the test?

All training courses include a test at the end of the course, consisting of between ten and twenty multiple-choice questions.

To pass the test your score must match or exceed the pass mark. The pass mark is set by your organisation.

Some courses have questions at the end of training sections. These questions are designed to help your understanding and are not part of the test.

All test questions are multiple-choice questions. This means:

  • You are asked a question.
  • You are shown multiple answers.
  • You choose the answer you think is right.

Before the test

When you have finished the training course you will be invited to start the test. The page information includes:

  • The number of questions in the test.
  • The pass mark.
  • A guide to how much time you will need to complete the test.

Note: Make sure you have enough time, if you stop before completing the test you will lose your answers.

During the test

Questions are shown one at a time, you choose your answer and the result is shown immediately. Then you click Continue to see the next question.

If your answer is wrong, you have the option to exit the test, review the relevant training section and start the test again.

After the test

You are shown your test score.

If you pass the test, you can view and print your certificate and exit the course.

If you fail the test, you can review the training course and retake the test when you are ready.

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