Getting started for learners

This article quickly guides you to your training session.


Check your email for a welcome message from iHASCO.

Note: If you haven’t received the welcome email, check your spam folder before telling your training administrator. Emails usually come from

Open and read the message then click the log-in with one click link to log-in to the Learning Management System (LMS) and your MyLMS dashboard.

If you experience problems logging in, see Help with log-in to MyLMS.

Get to know your MyLMS dashboard

Your MyLMS dashboard contains:

  • My Learning - Select your enrolled course and complete your training
  • History & certificates - check your training history and print course certificates
  • Course library - browse the full range of iHASCO’s training courses
  • Support - get help and ask questions
  • Account - change your personal details and log out

You may see other menu options specific to your training courses or level of access.

Choose a training course

Click the My Learning tab on the menu bar at the top of the page to show your enrolled training course cards. If no courses are listed, a message will confirm if your training administrator has not enrolled you on any courses.

Choose a training course from the list and click the Course card to open the Course overview.

If you can’t find the training course you need, there are three search options to help you:

Search option
If you know the name of the course Click the Name icon on the right of the list heading to sort the courses into alphabetical order.
If you know the subject of the course but you’re not sure of the course name Click the search box at the top right of the page and enter a keyword.
If you want to know which course to do first Click the Due icon on the right of the list heading to sort the courses by due date.

Prepare with the Course overview

The Course overview contains everything you need to know to prepare for training:

  • A description and the duration of the course.
  • Click Learning outcomes to see how your understanding will be improved.
  • Click Outline to show how many sections are included in the training course.
  • Click Resources to download information that will help you to learn.
  • Click More to show statistics about the course, industries that need this training and organisations that approve this course.

Start your training session

Click the Start Session button on the right of the page to begin your training session.

The first section of training videos and tests will start in the video player.

Note You can pause a course at any time, resume your training when you are ready and replay a video if you need to. If you need to log out during a training session, MyLMS records your progress and resumes your training next time you log-in.

To learn how to pause the video and other video controls, see How to use the video controls.

To learn how to navigate the training session page, see How to navigate the training session page.

To change your preferred language, see How to change language preference.

When you have completed your training course you can:

End your training session by logging out of MyLMS see How to log out of MyLMS.

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