How to show/hide the unsubscribe option in automated emails

This setting shows/hides the unsubscribe link in automated email messages. The unsubscribe link shows the text below:

No longer work here? Archive your account and unsubscribe from further emails

If a user clicks the link it will archive the user’s LMS account and profile, and unsubscribe the user from all automated emails immediately.

To show/hide the unsubscribe link:

  1. Click the Settings tab on the menu bar at the top of the page.
  2. In the GENERAL card, click Messaging.
  3. In the PREFERENCES card scroll down to the Unsubscribe from automated emails check box.
  4. Choose to hide or show:
  5. To show the Unsubscribe option, select the check box.

    To hide the Unsubscribe option, clear the check box.

  6. Click Save changes.
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