How to send emails to users

You can send emails to users using standard iHASCO templates and custom email templates. To learn how to create custom email templates, see How to create custom email templates.

Sent emails are queued and you are notified when they have been sent successfully.

To send emails to users:

  1. Click the Users tab on the menu bar at the top of the page to show the User management page.
  2. Find the user by filtering, to learn more see How to use filtering to find a user.
  3. To select your user/s:
  4. For an individual user, click the check box on the left of their details.

    For a group of users, click the check box on the left of the column headings, this selects all the users in the filtered list.

  5. The Action bar shows the total number of users selected and the Actions box. Click on the arrow on the Actions box to show the menu.
  6. Select Send email… to open the Send email page.
  7. Check the correct email address or group is in the To box.
  8. Click the arrow on the right of the Email template box to show the list of available templates.
  9. Select a template.
  10. Scroll down and click Send email.
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