Setting up training for users without email addresses

Setting up training for users without email addresses

As an LMS administrator sometimes you discover that you need to facilitate online training for users within your business that do not have email addresses. In a world where services invariably require a unique email address for each user how do you work around this? The answer is less complicated than you might think, it's just a question of following these simple instructions.

First of all you need to ask your IT Manager set up a 'catch all' email address for you in a format such as ''. This email address can be whatever you want but a 'generic' mailbox name is recomended, and perhaps also one which indicates it's purpose.

Having set up this new mailbox you're going to use a technique whereby you 'append' a unique value for each user to that mailbox name to provide your users with a 'valid email address' which they can use to log-in to the training suite. To do so you append a unique value (employee ref, NI number or firstname.lastname) between the mailbox name (noemail) and the @ sign and the email domain ( OR

You can now communicate to your users whom do not have email addresses, that they should follow this format when registering through the training suite (if you have self registration enabled). Alternatively, populate a spreadsheet with these spoof user email addresses and import it in bulk using the User Add/Update feature.

The really neat thing about this approach is that everything after the + sign in the email address is ignored by the majority of email servers, therefore when the LMS attempts to deliver system emails to these users, they are routed to your address instead.

Not only does this approach negate you from having to set up multiple 'dummy' email addresses for 100's of users, but it also makes it super easy for you to identify those users in your LMS. Just run a user or results search on email addresses starting with 'noemail+' and you're done!

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