How to access a learner’s training history

To see the learner’s training history:

  1. Click the Users tab on the menu bar at the top of the page to show the User management page.
  2. Find the user by filtering, see How to use filtering to find a user.
  3. Click View/Edit on the right of the users details to see the Report card, Results & courses, Events and Profile.

Report card gives an overview of the learner’s progress.

Results & courses lists the learner’s training history. You can apply filters, print a results report and download all certificates for this learner.

The list includes:

  • The Course title. Click on the course title to show the course report page.
  • The current Status of the course. For an explanation of course status see How to check your progress.
  • The time the learner has used on this training course. 
  • The Date the learner last accessed the training.
  • Completed courses include the Expiry date and test Score.
  • Menu options to flag the course, print course certificate and manage the course enrolment.

Events shows all the events that have occurred on this learners account, including training sessions, enrolment and emails sent.

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