How to create administrators

Administrators are existing users with additional levels of access to help manage the LMS.

Administrators are listed on the User Management page and are labelled Administrator.

If your user doesn’t exist on the LMS you need to create a user account, see How to add an individual user before you can grant administrator access.

To create an administrator:

  1. Click the Settings tab on the menu bar at the top of the page.
  2. Scroll down to the USERS card.
  3. Click Administrative users.
  4. Click the Grant access button on the right of the page.
  5. Start typing the name or email address of the user and pick the user from the list that appears
  6. Click Grant access.

All new administrators are granted Read access by default .

To learn how to change administrator access type, see How to change administrator access type.

To learn about access types, see What are Administrator access types?.

If you use organisational segments, you can assign a segment to an administrator. For more information about segments, see What are organisational segments?.

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