What information is allowed in a user CSV?

The table below lists the information that can be uploaded with the validation criteria.

Field name Is it required? Description Validation
Email address yes User’s email address Valid email address
Status no User’s status active/inactive/pending*
Flagged no User flagged status
y/1/true/on or n/0/false/off**
First name no User’s first name Free text
Last name no User’s last name Free text
Language no User’s preferred language Valid language code (i.e. en-gb, fr, pl...) 
Profile fields 
1 - 8
no System/custom profile fields
If the profile field is set to list, value must match an item on the list.
Subscribed course codes  

no Training course enrolment
y/1/true/on  or n/0/false/off**

*pending status only applicable to Moderated self registration.

**Blank or “unchanged” indicates no change

***only applicable for courses with Enrolment method of “By assignment only” 

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