How to create a user CSV for upload

We recommend you download the iHASCO comma separated value(CSV) template file for user upload because it avoids the need to map your columns to our user profile fields.

If you want to use your own spreadsheet (CSV) read the Information to upload section below to understand what user information you can upload and the validation criteria.

To download the iHASCO CSV template:

  1. Click the Users tab on the menu bar at the top of the page to show the User management page.
  2. Click Add/update users to show the ADD OR UPDATE USERS page.
  3. Click the Spreadsheet tab to show the Add or update users from a spreadsheet card.
  4. Click Download CSV file template the file will be saved in your local downloads folder.
  5. Open the CSV using a spreadsheet application.

Note: You can use an application like Microsoft Excel, Apple Numbers or Google Sheets to create and/or edit a CSV file.

The CSV sets out the order to organise your user information.

Information to upload

The CSV must have one user per row. The minimum required information to add/register users is the user email address.

Note: If you register users with the minimum required information, on first log-in the user will be asked to enter mandatory information before continuing into the LMS. Mandatory information is first name, last name and any profile fields with the Required flag selected.

For a detailed table of the information allowed in a CSV and validation criteria, see What information is allowed in a user CSV?.

Save your user upload file

When you have your user information ready in your spreadsheet application, save your file as a CSV (comma separated values) file type.

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