How to monitor LMS Events

Events are any tasks or activities that happen in the LMS, they include: changing settings, uploading users, enrolling learners, sending emails and learners starting or completing courses.

You can monitor all events in the Events page. It shows a list of all events that have occurred throughout the LMS with links, filters and the option to export the list of events.

Each event includes the date and time the event occurred.

If the event affected a user it includes the user’s name. If the event affected a training course it includes the course title.

If the event was created by a user (not an automated event) it includes the name of the person who created the event.

To show events:

  1. Click the Insights tab on the menu bar at the top of the page.
  2. Click Events on the list of options to show the EVENTS card.

To find an event scroll through the list.

To help search for events each Event has a useful icon that indicates the type of event.

Click the users name to view/edit their details.

Click the course title to view the course results.

To filter the list of events:

  1. Click Everything at the top right of the page to show the list of filter options.
  2. Select a filter to show the events list with the filter applied.

To export events:

  1. Click Export at the top right of the page.
  2. Click Request export.

The Events export will be saved in a comma separated values (CSV) file format and emailed to you. You can use an application like Microsoft Excel, Apple Numbers or Google Sheets to perform offline analysis and reporting on a CSV file.

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