How to monitor learner reviews & ratings

Learners who receive a Course completion email, are given a link to review and rate the course they have completed. The results of their review are shown on the User reviews & ratings page.

To learn more about sending a course completion email see How to start/stop sending the Course completion email.

To show Reviews and ratings:

  1. Click the Insights tab on the menu bar at the top of the page.
  2. Click Reviews and ratings on the list of options.

The REPORT CARD shows the average course rating and the total number of course reviews.

The USER REVIEWS & RATINGS card list all learner reviews.

Each review includes the learner name, course title and the date and time of the review.

Click the users name to view/edit their details.

Click the course title to view the course results.

To filter the list of reviews:

  1. Click Most Recent at the top right of the card to show the list of filter options.
  2. Select a filter to show the reviews list with the filter applied.

Note: Any reviews collected from learners following completion of a training course are also published on our public website for the specified course. These public reviews include the name of the reviewer and the date of the review, along with the rating and review itself. Learners are informed of this and can opt to send us feedback directly if they would prefer.

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