How to run a course in a classroom mode

To run a course in classroom mode for a group of learners you need to contact your account manager for a trainers license.

Courses can be run in both classroom mode and as individual training sessions.

Before running the course:

  • Contact your account manager for test papers and answers.
  • Locate a room which you can use to provide ‘face to face’ classroom based training.
  • If using a projector or interactive white board check it connects to the device running MyLMS.

To run the course in classroom mode:

  1. Click the MyLMS tab on the menu bar at the top of the page.
  2. Scroll down to find the Courses card.
  3. Find the Course.
  4. Click the …  to the right of the course you wish to run in classroom mode.
  5. Click Launch in classroom mode.

The trainer controls the video player, and clicks through each section of the course.

To run the test:

  1. When the training course has finished the trainer manually organises the test using the test papers.
  2. The trainer marks the test papers.
  3. The trainer calculates the % score.

To add the results:

  1. The learners need to be added to the LMS see How to add an individual user.
  2. The trainer adds the results see How to add classroom results.

To print the certificates:

Print the course certificates see How to download/print all certificates for a course.

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