How to repeat a course during the training interval

If a learner needs to repeat a completed course and is prevented from starting a new training session until the training interval period has ended, use the Start new session option.

This option is used if an incident has occurred in the workplace which suggests that the learner needs to refresh their training.

Note The learner’s previous training session and results for this course will be archived and a new training session started. The learner will have to complete the whole course again.

To start a new training session:

  1. Click the Reports tab on the menu bar at the top of the page to show the Course reports page.
  2. Find the learner by filtering, for more information see How to use filtering to find a course report.
  3. Click the arrow on the right of the learners details to show the menu.
  4. Select Start a new session… to show the Start new session pop-up window.
  5. To send a training renewal reminder email to the learner, select the Also send these users a ‘training renewal reminder email’ box.
  6. Click Ok Start a new session for selected users.
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