What happens to our data if my organisation leaves iHASCO?

If you decide to leave iHASCO we will be really sorry to see you go but we also want to make sure you have everything you need from us so the transition to a new provider is as easy as possible.

What is most important for us is that you understand that you have an obligation as an employer to retain records of your employees workplace training and that if you no longer have an agreement with us we can’t hold those records on your behalf.

You can download results for individual courses to a comma separated values (CSV) file that can be easily transferred to a new provider. To learn more see What information is in a course results CSV and How to download individual course results.

Note: You can use an application like Microsoft Excel, Apple Numbers or Google Sheets to open and edit a CSV file.

You can download all training certificates for a course to a single multi page PDF see How to print all the certificates for a course.

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