How to add formatting to emails

You can use basic formatting in emails sent via the LMS as well as a variety of required and optional tags which are then replaced with each recipients details when the email is sent.


You add formatting to your emails using a text based language called Markdown. This is a widely used tool for adding simple styling to plain text. You can see in the example below how you can quickly and easily make text appear bold, italic or add links with a few simple additional characters.

Markdown input:

It's very easy to make some words **bold** and other words *italic* with Markdown. You can even [link to Google!](<br>

Example output:

It's very easy to make some words  bold and other words  italic with Markdown. You can even link to Google!

Required tags

You must include at least one of the below required tags in all of your emails. These tags provide a link to your organisations training suite in the form of either a link to the training suite registration/log-in screen itself or a unique URL which logs the email recipient in. You only have to include one of the required tags.

Tag Description
{training_url} Your organisations iHASCO training suite URL 
{training_button} As above but displayed as a button 
{login_url} A single click log-in URL for the corresponding recipient 
{login_button} As above but displayed as a button 

Optional tags

You can add dynamic variables which are automatically populated with the corresponding values for the intended recipient to your email. As a minimum you must include at least one 'required' tag in all emails. Following is a complete list of all tags supported by the LMS:
Tag Description
{user_email} The corresponding recipients email address
{user_first_name} The corresponding recipients first name 
{user_last_name} The corresponding recipients last name
{user_full_name} The corresponding recipients full name
{company_name} You organisations name as specified on your account

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