What are the requirements for SCORM?

To use our SCORM packages in a third party LMS there are some requirements that must be met. These are as follows:

  1. Your third party LMS must be accessed via HTTPS. The iHASCO LMS uses the HTTPS secure protocol and any content we share must be delivered via a secure protocol. A quick way to check is to sign in to your third party LMS, if there is a padlock in the browser address bar, you are using HTTPS. If you have a self-hosted LMS, for example, Moodle, talk to your developer about switching it to HTTPS.
  2. Your learner’s must have access to the iHASCO domains and the domains which are associated with our Video CDN. To learn more see Domain inclusion list.
  3. Your learner’s browser must have JavaScript enabled.
  4. Your learner’s browser must have third party cookies enabled and 'prevent cross-site tracking' must be disabled.

Note All of the features native to the iHASCO LMS, for example, reminder emails and certificates, are disabled for training sessions via a third party LMS.

For more information on how to download and use SCORM packages see How to download a SCORM package.

For more information on how iHASCO processes personal data in relation to SCORM packages see How iHASCO process personal data in relation to SCORM packages

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