How to send a file to my account manager

If you are unable to upload users onto the Learning Management System (LMS) and need help you can send us your user data securely through the LMS and we will manage this process for you.

To send us a file securely:

  1. Click on the help icon at the top of the page to show the menu.
  2. Click Send us a file securely to show the file transfer page.
  3. Click Select file to upload... to open your local file search application.
  4. Navigate to your CSV file, select the filename and click Open. The file you select must be no more than 5Mb.
  5. Add a description of the file you are uploading for your account manager.
  6. Click Upload.

When the upload is complete a confirmation email is sent to your account manager which will give them access to the file you have uploaded.

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