How to resize an image on a Mac

You can resize your organisations logo or other images for use as branding on your LMS using the Preview application on your Mac.

  1. Open the Preview application on your Mac
  2. From the File menu click Open... and navigate to the image you wish to use and click Open
  3. From the Tools menu click Adjust size...
  4. For a logo change the image width and height to 100px. For a poster change the image width to 960px.
  5. Change the resolution to 72 pixels/inch and click OK
  6. From the File menu click Export...
  7. Change the format to PNG and check that the file size is below 1Mb.
  8. Slide the Quality slider to the left if you need to reduce the file size.
  9. Click Save.

Follow instruction on How to add my organisations branding to add your logo or poster to your LMS.

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