Who sees my Assessment comments?

Your comments are saved with your assessment responses.

Your training administrator views your comments to help you resolve issues you have raised in the assessment.

Your training administrator can print a copy of your assessment and print a report of all training assessment issues which will include your comments. This helps them analyse all responses and identify general issues. For example, if a high number of assessments raise the issue of temperature and feeling too hot, then maybe air conditioning across the building needs to be reassessed.

If you feel uncomfortable writing about your issue in the comments and feel you need to speak directly to someone about your issue, you can write this in your comment. For example, you could write “I need to speak directly to someone about this issue”.

We recommend that only training administrators and those with responsibility to manage your training are able to see your comments. For more information on how your employer processes your assessment comments, please refer to your employer’s personal data and privacy policies.

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