How to create an assessment

To create an assessment, the learner must have an assessment status of Not started.

To create an assessment for a learner:

  1. Click the Assessments tab on the menu bar at the top of the page to show the Assessment management page.
  2. Note The page shows the default course assessment and lists all enrolled learners with their assessment status.

  3. To choose a different course assessment, click the arrow on the right of the course name to show the list and select your course assessment.
  4. Click the Not started tab to list learners without an assessment.
  5. Find an individual learner by filtering, see How to use filtering to find an Assessment.
  6. To select the learner, click the check box on the left of their details.
  7. Note You can select multiple learners.

  8. The Actions bar shows the number of learners selected and the Actions box. Click the arrow on the Actions box to show the menu.
  9. Select Create assessments.

This creates the learner’s assessment and changes the assessment status to In progress.

Note You can also select this option for an individual learner from the menu on the right of the learner’s details. Click the arrow to show the menu then select Create assessment.

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