How to download an Assessment Issues report

The Assessment Issues report:

  • Shows totals for questions and learners with raised issues.
  • Lists questions with issues to help identify common problem areas.
  • Lists learners’ responses and comments on issues.

To print an Assessment Issues report:

  1. Click the Assessments tab on the menu bar at the top of the page to show the Assessment management page.
  2. Note The page shows the default course assessment and lists all enrolled learners with their assessment status.

  3. To choose a different course assessment, click the arrow on the right of the course name to show the list and select your course assessment.
  4. Click the Export button on the right of the assessment status tabs to show the Export assessment data window.
  5. Click Issue report.

A link to the Assessment Issues report is sent to your email. The report can also be downloaded from the Jobs list on the main menu.

You can use a web browser like Microsoft Edge, Apple Safari or Google Chrome to open and print the PDF file.

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