What are Assessments?

Some training courses include an assessment. An assessment collects and archives information about a learner’s role and environment, creating a permanent record that can be viewed at any time. It asks the learner questions related to the content of the training course and may offer advice if any issues are raised.

How it works

A learner is asked to complete a course assessment when they have completed their training session and test. A learner can also open an assessment from the Assessments menu on their MyLMS Dashboard.

The administrator manages assessments from the Assessments menu on the MyLMS Dashboard. Assessments are grouped by training course.

Assessments have four phases:

  1. Not Started - Learners are enrolled on the training course but have not started an assessment.
  2. In progress - The learner answers assessment questions linked to their training, assesses the work area and acts on advice given to resolve any issues.
  3. Pending review - Any issues that a learner cannot resolve themselves are highlighted for the administrator to review and help resolve.
  4. Completed - There are no issues and the assessment is archived. The assessment can be viewed but it cannot be changed.

Assessment responses can be changed by the learner and the administrator until all issues are resolved and the assessment is complete.

Note The assessment can alternate between In progress and Pending review status if the administrator needs to communicate with the learner to suggest solutions or ask questions.


The administrator can download an Assessment Issues report, see How to download an Assessment Issues report.


Daily and weekly automated emails can include new assessment activity and a reminder of incomplete assessments, see How to start/stop sending automated reminder emails and How to set the Assessment notifications recipient.

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