How to resolve undelivered emails

There are many reasons why email delivery fails, some examples are:

  • A service or network error. 
  • A misspelled email address.
  • Spam filters are blocking email delivery.
  • Mailbox faults, for example, the mailbox is full, inactive or blocking this email.
  • Email servers are blocking delivery.

When email delivery fails, the LMS shows an email icon next to the user’s email address in the User management page.

To resolve an undelivered email:

  1. Click the Users tab on the menu bar at the top of the page to show the User management page.
  2. Find the user by filtering, see How to use filtering to find a user.
  3. If the user has an email icon next to their email address, click the email address to show the reason for the delivery failure and follow the advice.

Note You can also click the arrow on the right of the users details to show the menu and select Explain email issues.

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