What is the Documents & policies Add-On?

Documents & policies is an Add-On module that your organisation can subscribe to. To learn more about subscribing to Add-Ons speak to your account manager, and see How to use Add-Ons.

How it works

The module lets you upload resources into your MyLMS and share them with your learners. Resources must be in Portable Document Format (PDF). Learners can view and download the resources.

To learn more about uploading your resources see How to upload documents and policies.

To learn more about your Documents & policies storage see How to monitor Documents & policies storage.

Required reading

Resources that must be read by everyone in your organisation, for example, Fire safety procedures, can be set to Required reading. To learn more, see How to set a resource to required reading.

Linking resources

Resources can be linked to training courses. This means learners will be reminded to read your linked resources at the end of the course and before the test. Linked resources can be set to Required reading for course completion, these resources are highlighted and the learner must confirm they have read and understood the resources before taking the test. To learn more see How to link/unlink a resource and a course.

Resources can be linked to segments. This means only learners in the segment can view the resource. Resources can be linked to multiple segments. To learn more see How to link/unlink a resource and a segment.


If you have resources set to Required reading, you can include a reminder in automated messaging emails. To learn more, see How to start/stop sending Automated reminder emails.


You can download a comma separated values (CSV) file of Documents & policy activity for reporting. The file includes learner and resource details, date and time, and activity type. To learn more, see How to report on Documents & policies activity.

Archive or delete resources

Resources that are no longer needed can be archived or deleted. To learn more, see How to archive/delete Documents & policies.

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