M3U8 - Error messages

M3U8 - Crossdomain Access Denied

The error - Cannot load M3U8 - Crossdomain access denied occurs when our videos are being blocked via a proxy server or firewall. 

The domains are visible here -  Domain White List

M3U8 - No levels to play 

This error normally occurs when content privacy settings are set to block third party data and cookies. To rectify this, please follow the instructions based upon your browser. 

Google Chrome

In the top right corner of your browser, please click on the three black dot, then click on settings.

From here, scroll to the bottom and please select ' Advanced'. 

Clicking on this will provide more options. Please then select ' Content Settings'

On this page, you will see a few various settings you can change. The one you need is under  ' Cookies'.

The setting is called ' Block Third Party Cookies and Site Data'. This is what is causing the issue! 

Please ensure this is un-selected and looks like this - 

Once this has been done, please close and reopen your browser. Now, you should be able to resume your training without any issues.


This error normally occurs when ' cookies and website data' isn't set to 'always allow'. To do this, please follow the below instructions.

Once Safari is open, in the top left corner please click on  Safari and then Preferences. 

From here, then select the '  Privacy' tab. 

The setting that needs to be changed is '  Cookies and Website Data'. Please change it to 'Always Allow'. 

Now, completely close down your browser then open it back up. It should all be rectified for you!

If this problem does persist, or you run into further issues, please contact us at support@ihasco.co.uk 

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